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Field hospital


General notes:

      -  minimum space for setting up: 160 x 180 m on even surface

- capacity of the field hospital: 208 beds – thereof:

                            192 at ward

                             12 at ward

                              4 at ICU

- hospital staff: 120 people – thereof:

        22 physicians

        58 medical personnel (nurses, laboratory assistants, sterilisation, pharmacists)

        13 administration and camp management (management, logistics, recording, accommodation)

        7 kitchen and canteen unit

        5 laundry

        15 camp operation (F&L, electricity, water and waste management, maintenance, cleaning, storehouses)


Corridors, inflatable tents and halls and containers can be heated and air-conditioned. Operating theatres are equipped with air cleaning and sterilization. Hot water is available in all shower and combined sanitary containers and also in individual ambulances and laboratories.

F&L supply 10 m3 + tanks of EC + independent heating are sufficient for a 48 hour operation. A truck for transport and distribution of F&L is included (an operator arranges). Water supply: 81 m3 in nine tanks – it is sufficient for 48 hours. A cistern truck for transport and distribution of drinking water is included (an operator arranges).

Liquid wastes are collected in container tanks. A truck for tank pumping and transport of liquid wastes are included (operator arranges), liquidation of waste water (not included in the solution). Solid municipal waste of the whole hospital is collected in the ISO 1C containers – transport and liquidation is arranged by the operator. Liquid and solid dangerous and biologic wastes (laboratory samples, chemicals, human issues, F&L residues, dressings, etc.) are collected in lockable containers and stored in the ISO 1C containers (the operator arranges their transport and liquidation).  

A heliport for landing of medical and supplying helicopters is a part of the field hospital. Roads for passage of medical, supplying and transport vehicles are constructed in the whole area. Lay-by parking areas are built inside the area. Cables or conduct pipes are led across roads in level crossing bridges  or reinforced drains filled in ground.

Basic maintenance of device and equipment of the field hospital is provided by a workshop equipped with general devices for maintenance and repairs (tools, welding machines, solders, gluing sets, electric material, plumbing material, basic spare parts) – personnel: three people ensuring camp operation (locksmith + plumber + electrician).


Medical Unit:

- reception hall

- central corridor

- ambulant unit

- laboratory unit

- pharmacy

- operation unit

- personnel facilities

- patient sanitary unit

- ward unit

- infectious unit (isolation)

- mortuary


Accommodation Unit – personnel

      -          designed for accommodation of all hospital staff included offices of camp management and administration rooms  


Kitchen and Canteen Unit

-      independent part of the field hospital for preparation of approx. 350 warm meals twice a day and preparation of the same number of cold meals once a day



       -      it is an independent part of the fiels hospital designated for laundry washing, drying, ironing, storing of sanitary, bedding, kitchen and all personal linen


Energetic Block

-       providing electricity for the whole hospital premises

-       distribution to individual hospital departments is realised via electric cables and electric splitters 


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