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Technological containers GSM


Variel technological containers are mainly designated for installing telecommunications, monitoring, navigation, media, security and other technical equipment and protection against bad weather conditions, damage, theft or mishandling. Material used in production guarantees high product life with minimum maintenance.

The use of technological containers is ideal in cases where, for technical or economical reasons, it is necessary to find an operative solution for making installed equipment quickly operational (for example this simplifies the building permit process significantly). It is absolutely necessary to use containers in situations where a future need of the technology relocation can be foreseen. The solid and robust construction enables to transport containers without expensive disassembly of the installed technology.

Container´s operating life expectancy is at least 30 days.


The construction of Variel containers complies with current environmental demands and all parts have been designed in accordance with legal norms and relevant safety, hygiene and fire prevention regulations.

The supporting construction of the container is comprised of a shiny, galvanised bent steel section weldment. It is made of a supporting top and bottom frame. The frames are interconnected with vertical thin-wall section ridges.

The floor of the container is made of a reinforced supporting steel construction. On the outside it is in a galvanised steel shell and on the inside it is made of a water-resistant plywood and a PVC floor covering. The thermal insulation of the floor is comprised of mineral felt.

The inside and outside walls are covered with galvanised steel sheets and painted with the client’s desired shade. The thermal insulation is provided by 80 mm-wide mineral felt; the standard heat insulation value is k = 0.5 W/m2K. Brackets for holding of technology can be added to the inner walls.

The ceiling is made of 80 mm thick insulation panels. The panels are installed in the upper frame and they form the exposed side of the ceiling.  

The roof is monolithic made of 4 mm thick fibreglass. This design is practically maintenance-free. The maximum load capacity limit is 150 kg/m2.

Door is steel, insulated, fire-resistant with an option of a three-point closing installation. The door is secured against unhinging.  

Electrical installation. Electricity is distributed by CYKY cables stored in cable channels. The container is connected to the distribution network at the destination site via a fixed main that runs through the container floor. Individual power circuit protection is installed in the circuit breaker distributor.

Protection against the effects of static and atmospheric electricity is secured in compliance with ČSN 34 1390 art. 20. The electrical installation can be changed at the client’s wish based on the technology used in the container.  

Accessories can be delivered independently or be included in the container order.

Accessories are:

  • Shiny protective galvanised steel walkway beams;
  • Supports under the container (height: 250 mm – entry step can be connected);
  • Supports under the container (height: 400 mm – universal steps can be connected);
  • Entry step (for a container, which is set 250 mm above the ground level);
  • Entry steps – two steps (for a container, which is set 400 mm above the ground level);
  • Universal steps with a landing (for a container set 400 mm above the ground level); three options – direct, left and right;
  • Container covered with wood panelling and topped with a ridge roof (for the use in places where the container needs to fit in with natural surroundings).  


Upon the client’s request, the containers can be adjusted by making minor or major exterior adaptations to the construction.

For example:

  • Atypical container dimensions;
  • Separated space for users with individual entries and separate or common electrical installations, air conditioning, etc;
  • Container construction, shell made of stainless metal (for extreme environments);
  • Exterior shell made of aluminium sheets or wooden beams;
  • Galvanised or stainless roof;
  • Ridge roof with roofing tiles or shingles;
  • Change to the thermal insulation characteristics of the container.  


Various optional equipment can be added to the basic version of the container.


  • At the client’s request, the basic electrical installation can be augmented or changed according to the needs of the technology installed. After agreeing with the client, it is possible to install parts or individual units of the client’s own technology.
  • To maintain ideal operational conditions for the installed technology, the containers are usually also equipped with air conditioners and space heating panels.
  • If needed, the containers can also be equipped with security systems, feeders, emergency power generators, etc.
  • The interior equipment is always designed individually, according to the client’s wishes (such as battery frames, cable organiser panels, etc). Special-purpose containers can also feature anti-static floors.
  • A protective grate can protect the laminate roof against damage (e.g. from ice falling of the antenna). In addition, grating that serves for anchoring antenna systems can also be delivered.
  • In case of special needs, the container surface can be finished with artificial plaster, wood panelling and can be topped with a ridged roof, etc. so that the appearance of the container disturbs the surroundings where it is installed as little as possible.
  • The container delivery can also comprise 6 to 12 meter antenna poles including holders serving to attach the pole to the side of the container.   


The containers are manufactured in several size options and with a number of special adaptations. Each type is based on the same construction base and is adapted as much as possible to clients’ individual wishes. Normally a new container type featuring a number of partial adaptations is created for each new client. The containers are manufactured in various lengths with standard widths of 2436 mm and height of 3120 mm. The container lengths normally used are 3.4 and 6 meters (containers with non-standard dimensions can also be manufactured according to the client’s request).


Modular containers are a special type of technological containers. These containers enable to place the technology on the top floors (attics) and roofs of high-rise buildings. The containers are transported to the site parts and their assembly is carried out at the location. The reduced weight of the containers makes it possible to place them on foundations that have a low load bearing capacity. Modular container construction is composed of a steel bottom-divided frame, corner vertical ridges and ceiling supports which get assembled together in a steel skeleton on site. The floor is made of 80 mm thick insulation panels, water-resistant plywood and PVC floor covering. The shell is consisted of 80 mm thick insulation panels. The fibreglass split roof is mounted onto the top frame by screw-bolts. The roof seams are sealed and cemented. The roof is made of 80 mm thick ceiling panels. A fire-resistant steel door with the dimensions: 800 mm x 1,900 mm is built into the front wall of the container. A sheltered ventilation opening is installed in the door. The overall dimensions of the container can be altered based on client’s requests.

Modular containers are manufactured in the same dimensions as non-modular solid containers and can be equipped with the same and above-standard accessories.


Container can be either installed on a solid surface (concrete, reinforced concrete panels, etc.) or on concrete stumps or strips built in accordance with a specific documentation. Loading and unloading of containers is executed by a crane via fastening points located on the bottom frame of the container with the aid of handling straps acting as guides.   


Container type

Dimensions (mm)

Weight (kg)









interior length

exterior length

interior height

exterior height

exterior  height over beam

interior width

exterior width

exterior  width over beam

K37 2800 3000








K47 3800 4000


K67 5854 6054



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